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Latest news:

  • 10th of August 2021: The whisky has become 12 years of age. The remaining 1/3 of whisky will be bottled soon.

  • 26th of March 2019: Presentation of and tasting of the 9 year old expression at Bierproeflokaal "In de Wildeman", Kolksteeg 3, Amsterdam, for details please check the "In de Wildeman" facebook events page.

  • 24th of January 2019: The Bottles left the distillery and are on their way to the Netherlands

  • 1 February: The Whisky has arrived at the importer in the NL.

  • 29th of January 2019: Expected arrival date in the Netherlands

  • 2/3 part of the cask will be bottled in Q4 2018.

    • of which 1/3 will be at 50%

    • and 1/3 at cask strength (expected to be 63,4%)

  • 1/3 part will remain in the cask for a few more years.

  • 6 November '18: Cask strength has been bottled

  • 17 November '18: 50% part has been bottled


Why bottle at 50%?

Jim McEwan has done a six year study on the effect of different alcohol contents on the taste of the final product. The study centered around the "Islay Barley" expression, but after that study they decided to apply this more widely. We were free in deciding the % but decided that we wanted to follow up on Jim's advice. For More information please have a look at the link below:

Jim McEwan on bottling at 50%