When Bruichladdich announced that they were going to re-create the old Lochindaal expression Iain Simpson wrote a poem


by: Iain Simpson

From Mull to the Pentland Skerries, from Skye to Colonsay

From Staffa to Iona and the sands of Castlebay.

And see the moonlit beam on lovely Lochindaal.

Each is land has it's magic, which holds men in its thrall

But always in my dreams, I'll see the lights of Lochindaal.

T'was there one summer's night boys, as we strolled hand in hand

Listening to the sea waves whisper softly on the sand

T'was there she said she loved me, that she would be my all

Oh how the moonbeams danced that night, on lovely Lochindaal.

I'm now a few years older I've left dear Islay's shore

I'm living in the city now among the smoky roar

But through the crowded bustle, I still can hear the call

Of cattle in the evening, by the shores of Lochindaal

And soon I shall return again, to Islay's gentle shore

And see across the tide waves wide, the bright lights of Bowmore

Or wander through Bruichladdich, as night begins to fall

And see the moonlit beam on lovely Lochindaal.