Annandale: A new whisky project

I first read about Annandale around 2015, by that time the owners Teresa & David Thomson had already put 8 years of their life into this distillery and not even a single drop of spirit had run through the spirit safe. All off their time had been spent on getting things done right: The right restauration, the correct processes and the correct equipment. I was immediately intrigued which was, in large part due to the designer of the distillery equipment and the distilling process: Dr. Jim Swan. Mr. Swan is famous in the Scotch Whisky industry especially because of his understanding of new start up distilleries and the financial challenges that they face. As most of you probably know: making whisky is a process for people that have a long breath. Jim Swan managed to tweak the whole distillery setup in such a way that maturation would take less time.

More information on this whisky will follow at a later date.

The whisky

Design of the Distilling process and equipment: Dr. Jim Swan

Whisky Region: Lowlands

Type of cask: fresh bourbon

Peatiness: 40 PPM

Distilling date: 19 March 2020

Expected bottling year: 2030

Expected bottleing strength: 46%