We named this whisky "Bruadaradh" which has different meanings in different sources, even different spellings, but always related to dreaming, mesmerizing, visionary. For us it expresses the long years that we sat in front of our wood-stove and mesmerized what our dram might become like so many miles away but nearby in thought and dreams.

We took our translation from the the following Dictionary:

  • A Gaelic dictionary, in two parts : I. Gaelic and English. - II. English and Gaelic : in which the words, in their different acceptations, are illustrated by quotations from the best Gaelic writers : and their affinities traced in most of the languages of ancient and modern times : with a short historical appendix of ancient names, deduced from the authority of Ossian and other poets : to which is prefixed, a new Gaelic grammar
  • Publisher: Edinburgh : Bell and Bradfute : W. Laing : W. Blackwood : Oliver and Boyd : Waugh and Innes
  • Printed in 1825 at the "Temple Printing Office" ,London.
  • Page 172